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ARTICLE 1 – Definition

ARTICLE 2 – Applicability

ARTICLE 3 – The agreement

ARTICLE 5 – Cancellation

ARTICLE 6 – Discount

ARTICLE 7 – Damage

ARTICLE 8 – Waiting period

ARTICLE 9 – Force majeur

Article 1: Definition
In these general terms and conditions the following definitions apply:
1. Website: www .taxiairportschiphol.com .
2. Traveler: person who wants to be transported by the taxi.
3. Passenger: person who uses the transport agreement.
4. Carrier: the natural person or legal entity, including its staff, who undertakes to transport persons by car.
5. Transport agreement: the agreement concluded between the traveler/client and the carrier to provide taxi transport.
6. Direct orders: taxi urgently, at least as quickly as possible.
7. Force majeure: situation that the passenger cannot do anything about.

Article 2: Applicability
These general terms and conditions apply to the transport agreement concluded between the traveler/client and the carrier to provide taxi transport.

Article 3: The agreement
3.1 The agreement is concluded by acceptance of the offer.
3.2 The agreement is entered into for the rate as stated on the website.
3.3 Rates for a bus are obviously higher than for a passenger car.

Article 4: Payment method
4.1 Traveler can use various payment options online, namely ideal, paypal, mastercard, sofortbanking and visa.
4.2 Traveler can use various payment options during transport, namely debit card, credit card and cash.

Article 5: Cancellation
If an online transport agreement is canceled within 45 minutes, the traveler is not liable for cancellation costs. Cancellation costs do apply if:
– 45 minutes have passed with an online transport agreement. An amount of 10 euros will be charged;
– contract of carriage for direct orders that are canceled a few moments later. An amount of 8 euros cancellation costs will be charged.

Article 6: Discount
On returns from Schiphol, the passenger always receives a 2.50 euro discount. If the carrier does not arrive at the destination on time, the passenger is entitled to 5% compensation.

Article 7: Damage
Passenger is liable in the event of damage to cars of taxiairportschiphol.com or an external party incurred by the passenger.

Article 8: Waiting time
For a pick-up, the carrier will wait 45 minutes after the plane has landed.
The actual landing times are checked by the carrier. If no communication is made, the carrier is entitled to leave the destination and the full fare will be charged.

Article 9: Force majeure
Article 8 will lapse in the event of force majeure. Force majeure does not include a telephone failure due to the fact that at the start of communication it is stated where the carrier is waiting for the passenger.


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